! For Immediate Release !

Purchase WARNING for companies and customers doing business with PYCH.

Approximately 7 months ago, Cardsplitter.se and Cloneplus Scandinavia AB purchased €7000 in physical goods from PYCH International Electronics, the manufacturer of Clone Plus (Clone+).
PYCH sent an entire shipment of defective units. These units were distributed to customers throughout Sweden.
Cardsplitter.se was required to pay return shipping of all the failed units, plus resend working units or refund the customer. Some customers never sent their units back adding to additional losses. All costs for the RMA process was absorbed by Cardsplitter.se.

The unsold and customer returned defective units were sent back to PYCH for immediate replacement.

7 months later, PYCH has yet to make good on the re-delivery of Clone Plus (Clone+) units although they have received full payment.

Due to PYCH’s avoidance to take responsibility, send replacement units in a timely manor, assist with the RMA process, and poor communications, Cloneplus Scandinavia AB and Cardsplitter.se were forced into bankruptcy and restructuring. During this time, PYCH would make unusual requests for various documents and have their lawyers "review" them for long periods of time to prolong having to send out the order. Each time a document was submitted to them, they would ask for something different just to create "busy work." PYCH is now ignoring all communications from Cloneplus Scandinavia AB.

We have hired legal council in Poland and are now seeking full restitution for damages and credit owed.

It is advised that all companies and customers refrain from doing any type of business with PYCH International Electronics.

PYCH is currently struggling financially due to the high yield of defective units and new laws regarding cloners being passed. Grzegorz Pych has turned to fraudulent and scamming activities to stay afloat. They may not be able to fulfill or refund your order once payment is received.

PYCH International Electronics Sp. z o.o.
ul. Lipkowska 21
04-801 Warszawa
Tel. +48 222442841

Sąd Rejonowy dla m. Warszawy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy,
KRS: 0000267497, NIP: 5213412172, REGON: 140761207,
Kapitał zakładowy 300.000,00 zł w całości opłacony.